The goal of Japan Club is to promote Japanese culture and tradition in fun and exciting ways. Inviting not only Japanese and Americans to join our meetings, we open our doors to people from all over the globe  resulting in a much broader view of the world in comparison with Asian culture. Language tables, discussions, movies, seasonal activities, and trips are just some of the provoking activities we offer. Our club is always provoking activities we offer. Our club is always open and we welcome everyone to participate. Please come and join us and make connections with our international students from around the world as we learn about Japan together.  Allen Smith Web Designer/T-shirt Printer Company: Xara Template Website: Phone: 269-779-9720 Japan President: Ayla Ludwig External Vice President: Sachiko Manzawa Internal Vice President: Open Position Presidential Advisor: Greg Amaro | TBA Treasurer: Andrew Pitts Events Coordinator: Ji-Hyun Choi (Captain) Erina Akiyama Eri Ohno Promotions Team Capatain: TBA Secretary: TBA IPC Representatitve: Annalise Shaffer & Crystal Ong WSA Representative: Martin Bragalone Photograher: Annalise Shaffer Public Affairs: Hiroyuki Oyagi